Ordering a Strands medical wig, please follow these procedures:

1. Call Strands to set up your own personal consultation. 

2.  Fill out “About Me” personal form, or we can go over this together during your personal consultation.

3.      Provide up-close current photos of your front, side and back via e-mail. Simple digital snapshots are fine.

4.      Provide the following measurements (see how-to section below for assistance): full head circumference; top of ear to top of ear across the top of the head; from where ear connects to the scalp to the other side where the ear connects to the scalp; front-to-back; and forehead.

5.      Submit payment.  Full payment must be made to begin process.

6.      Timing of delivery and final product will be discussed based on varying schedules. It is important to contact Strands as soon as you know a wig will be necessary.  A wig will be delivered prior to hair loss if you contact Strands at the beginning of Chemotherapy (if applicable). If you wait to contact Strands until you begin to lose your hair, a rush delivery may be an added and unnecessary expense for you.

How-to Section


Full Head Circumference

To get your full head circumference, measure all the way around your head from the occipital bone in the back (see diagram) to the front of the forehead.  It’s like measuring the size of your baseball cap

Measuring Full Head Circumference


Ear-to-Ear Measurement

Fold the top of your ear down. Place tape measure where glasses rest on top of your ear and measure to that point on the other ear.  

Measuring ear-to-ear



Measure from the front hairline (straight up from the nose where you may have a widow’s peak) over the top of the head to the nape of the hairline in the back of the head.

Measuring front-to-back



Measure your forehead from between your eyebrows to where your hairline starts.  This is your forehead/bang length measurement. Downloadable form for measurements (Editable PDF so they can fill in numbers and e-mail back)

Measuring the forehead


How to wash your wig

1.      In the sink, hold your wig with the French-lace front up and the hair going in the downward direction (as not to tangle).

2.      Let the water stream down the back as if you were leaning back in a shower. 

3.      After wig is thoroughly wet, gently lay it down on side of sink.

4.      Put small amount of shampoo in your hand and rub hands together.

5.      Pick wig back up with French lace-front in hand and massage shampoo down length of hair (do not scrub like with normal hair, but more like hand washing a sweater). Squeezing the shampoo this way allows the inside and outside of the wig to be cleaned.

6.      Hold with French lace-front again and rinse thoroughly from front to end.

7.      Set on the side of the sink again and repeat process with conditioner.

8.      Rinse thoroughly.

9.      Lay the wig in a hand towel and gently squeeze back and forth to remove excess water – do not wring dry.

10.  Place on Styrofoam head.

11.  Using the reinforced strip at ear, place T-Pin to secure the wig to the Styrofoam head.  Please note: only pin in reinforced area.

12.  Gently brush in sections from bottom of hair to scalp.

13.  We recommend this procedure at night so the hair can dry overnight, making touch-up with blow dryer and curling iron in the morning quick and easy