Helpful hints

Drink Smart Water 

 # 1 reason for hospitalization during chemotherapy is dehydration. Drink, drink and drink more water!  Iced tea, soda and juices don’t do the trick. You need to flush out all the Cancer cells that were just killed through chemotherapy. Drink enough water that your urine is almost clear. If it is yellow, you need more water.   

I highly recommend Smart Water.  The patients I work with say they can tell a difference when drinking this product versus any other water source. It takes away nausea and helps with energy levels. It has electrolytes to help keep your body in balance and hydrated.


My tip? Always carry a bottle with you. Pop top is best.  If it’s in your hand you will take sips. Constant drinks throughout the day are the key to staying ahead of dehydration.


Start your day with Carnation Instant Breakfast


Yes, I am talking about the powdered drink you remember from childhood. (And, no, this is not a paid endorsement.) Drink five servings in the morning with enough milk or milk substitute to make it a smoothie.  Add in a banana or other fruit if you wish.  Chemo often leaves a taste of metal or dirt in your mouth, which makes all food taste different and you may not want to eat. By drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast, you will receive the nutrients you need for the day. This is not the time to think about losing those few extra pounds! It is very important to have the strength to fight every day of Chemotherapy. You must keep your body healthy, giving yourself everything you need. Always ask your oncologist if this is alright for you.


Carry a credit card case or photo holder with pertinent information


I recommend that you put all medical related information in one place. Everywhere you go, the first question is, "May I have your insurance card?" Have it handy! Also put your surgeon’s and oncologist’s business cards.  Write down the chemotherapy and prescribed drugs that you are taken, and what intervals they are taken or given. If for some reason you need to call 911, hand over that holder with everything in one place, anyone will know what to do and which doctors to contact.


Glutamine Powder or L-Creatine


Many chemotherapy drugs cause muscle and joint pain. Some patients also experience neuropathy (numbness) in finger tips and toes.  Oncologists will then recommend you take Glutamine powder mixed with water or juice X # of days before and after chemotherapy sessions. Sometimes this neuropathy can be a permanent side effect of your treatment. I have found instead of waiting to see if you are affected, take this product as part of your treatment as a precautionary measure.


Brian Josephs Eyebrow and Eyelash Gel


Finally a product that prevents you from losing your eyebrows and eyelashes. Use twice a day starting with the start of chemotherapy 

and continue for 2 months after completing chemotherapy. Amazing! 



Many of the chemotherapy drugs cause your body to go through menopause. Hot flashes , night sweats, emotional highs and lows can possibly occur. This mild antidepressant, 10mg of Effexor, takes those side effects away. This is a prescription drug that is easy to discontinue once treatment is complete, so ask your oncologist if it is right for you.




A natural remedy instead of a prescription for antidepressants is Braggs.  It is an apple cider vinegar available at health food stores.  One teaspoon per day is recommended.


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