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to watch a personal message from Jennifer Fenninger

Are you about to lose your hair?
We are here to help. 

It’s comforting when facing HAIR LOSS to know that you’re not alone.  Strands specializes in beautiful, personalized HUMAN HAIR WIGS for women, men and children. However, we don’t just sell wigs, we offer a warm heart, a caring touch and open ears to help you through your hair loss process.

Whether you are going through CANCER CHEMOTHERAPY, radiation, suffered trauma, or have ALOPECIA or Trichotillomania, you deserve to look and feel your best.  We are experts in personalized medical wigs, also known as cranial or medical prostheses.There are many HAIR LOSS CAUSES. Strands will help find the best solution for you. We offer a level of trust and comfort that make you feel special and safe.

Look the way you always have.

It’s empowering to know that you can retain your privacy during your HAIR LOSS and look like yourself. 
HAIR LOSS can be a very personal experience that you may prefer to keep private.  We work directly with you to ensure that we provide a high quality, HUMAN HAIR WIG that looks just like your NATURAL HAIR.  Our personalized process ensures that your cranial prosthesis is cut and styled just like before your HAIR LOSS. Whether you have a short style or LONG HAIR. Strands is here to help.

Feel like yourself inside and out.

It’s important to know that the right wig can make you feel confident.

There is a TREATMENT for HAIR LOSS with Strands.

We offer a REAL HUMAN HAIR WIG with a French lace-front that look and feel natural.  Strands’ hand-tied wigs are smooth and comfortable on the inside. Without bulky wefting. Made to let the head breathe, they are completely different than synthetic and machine made wigs.  HUMAN HAIR WIGS offer the freedom to cook, ride motorcycles, play tennis and live your live without fear of losing, burning or feeling uncomfortable in your wig.

If your IMAGE is important to you. STRANDS MEDICAL WIGS is the Best Choice.  

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