Jennifer (the owner of Stands in Colorado Springs, CO) is one of the most kindhearted people you could ever meet! My mom has recently lost all of her hair in a matter of two months with little to no explanation. Our family was put I touch with Jennifer through word of mouth.

As a woman, I know how devastating it can be to get a bad haircut or color and then being forced to just deal with it, however I cannot imagine losing all of my hair for no reason at all. Watching my mom go through such a horrible thing broke my heart each and every day. Synthetic wigs worked for a little while but it wasn’t a perfect answer. That’s when we learned about Stands. When we got in contact with Jennifer she was more than willing to help me. At every turn she went above and beyond. She was able to help my mom find a real hair wig. This wig totally changed my moms life. For those who are going through a hard time I highly recommend going to see Jennifer. There is absolutely no judgment once you walk through her doors. She provided the most amazing care, product and service that anyone in my moms position could ever ask for. We can never thank her enough!!!