Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality

Jennifer was so patient and kind in my very emotional 1st meeting. I am a survivor of septic shock. I never knew a side effect of septic shock was hair loss.

I was sick and on a wound vac and now my hair was all falling out by the handful. I was greeted and treated so positive with Jennifer. She was energetic and made me feel good about myself.

When She put on my new hair, I immediately felt good, I felt happy! I looked more like myself. Jennifer let me know, I now do not have to worry about my appearance while I am recovering. My new hair topper looks just like my hair use to look. Very natural and blows in the wind just like my own hair. I thank God and my sister for finding Jennifer, she is one of the most companionate, sincere, and genuinely nice individuals I have ever meet. My husband said on the way home Jennifer has helped so many people she has earned her wings to heaven. We all love You Jennifer! You help so many people feel good again.