I happened across Strands by accident while exploring the possibility of buying a wig to cover my thinning white hair. Unlike many of Jennifer’s clients, I hadn’t lost my hair due to cancer, just age. But I am unapologetic in admitting that I was motivated by vanity.

I figure if it bothers me & it’s in my power to fix it, I should. Anyway, I ended by choosing a topper, which is such a perfect color match that my friends & family were astounded when I “fessed up “ that my great new hairdo was removable. I have since been back twice for “tweaking”. Jennifer is terrifically skilled, knows exactly what is required. She listens carefully, offers suggestions that respond best to the customer’s needs & preferences rather than trying to sell up to the highest price. In fact I felt that meeting my needs was her sole motivation. Once we had determined what my best choice was, then the cost was given. Almost as an afterthought. And I am SO happy with my new look! I look younger, more attractive, and consequently more confident. All because of hair. Amazing! It’s hard to get through by phone sometimes, as it’s pretty much a one-person shop. If you leave a voicemail & don’t get a callback, persevere. Call again. You’ll be glad you did.