I’m extremely grateful that my path crossed with Jennifer’s during the most difficult time in my life. She doesn’t treat you like a customer; she treats you like one of her family members. She is passionate about what she does and sincerely

cares about others. She makes you feel instantly comfortable and somehow makes dealing with challenging health experiences a little easier. After shaving my head before entering chemotherapy, Jennifer gave me back a piece of myself by providing a high quality wig (that very closely resembled my real hair) and the knowledge of how to take care of it. While an experience like this can be very overwhelming and intimidating, Jennifer is patient, compassionate, professional, and makes everything okay. She turned an extremely emotional experience of me losing my hair into helping me move forward with strength and confidence. All of her products are top quality. Her knowledge of medical wigs and cancer treatments is top quality. Your experience at Strands will be unforgettable.