August 27, 2008

Dear Jennifer,

I have waited too long to send this letter. 

In January 2006 I underwent chemo for Lymphoma. At the time I was an elementary principal and had committed to several speaking engagements. When I found out that I would be losing my hair, I became concerned that I might not be able physically or emotionally to fulfill these commitments. My wife began to call around to see if it would be possible to purchase a wig.

We could not find a suitable source, but someone gave us your name to contact.

When we talked to you on the phone, we became hopeful that my problem could be solved. Later that week we went to your salon to get more information. You made the comment that when you were finished, people would not be able to tell that I had lost my hair. Initially I was doubtful but you did exactly what you had promised. The wig was well fitted and had the same appearance as my natural hair. I was encouraged and confident enough to fulfill all my responsibilities during the chemo period! Thank you again for all the sensitivity that you show for men who are receiving chemo. I am currently in remission and enjoying good health in South Carolina. I want you to know that your expertise was a huge blessing to me!!

With Great Appreciation, 

Dr. Robert M. M