March 24, 2004  

To Whom It May Concern: 

Jennifer Fenninger was a Godsend during one of the most fearful and uncertain periods in our family’s experience, as witnessed by her caring and concerned approach to helping her clients. 

Cancer is the scariest thing that can befall a healthy family. The treatment, as has been said, sometimes appears worse than the cure.

The side effects, such as loss of hair, can be almost as traumatic and emotionally debilitating as knowing you have the disease.  Surrounding yourself with family and people who care and understand is paramount to survival, as well as quality of life. Jennifer was one of those people we were fortunate to have in our circle of support. 

From the moment we walked into her salon, Jennifer treated my wife as if she was her only client. Her personal attention to my wife’s emotional needs was as helpful as her professional attention to my wife’s cosmetic needs. Jennifer was critical in helping us understand the emotional up and down cycles associated with the styling, wear and maintenance of the prosthesis, as well as in guiding us through the unfamiliar insurance and financial processes. 

In addition Jennifer’s positive and supportive attitude allowed my wife to experiment with new hair styles and colors, allowing her to relax and play with something that could have been extremely destructive to her psyche.  Jennifer’s ideas made what could have been an incredibly traumatic period of embarrassment and self-consciousness into one of fun and adventure. All the while, Jennifer completely respected my wife’s desires and concerns. 

Jennifer is also a good listener and someone who anticipates her clients concerns. She epitomizes discretion and takes extra steps to provide her clients their much-needed privacy. For example, she scheduled enough time between our appointment and the next client’s arrival to avoid any uncomfortable “chance” meetings. She also secured open areas from accidental walk-ins the whole time we were at our appointments. All these things—and others—provided us a comfortable and relaxed environment in which we didn’t have to worry about awkward situations or the loss of our privacy. 

We would strongly urge anyone who has the misfortune of having to fight cancer to bring Jennifer Fenninger into his or her support structure. Jennifer will not only support the person’s physical/cosmetic needs for beauty and style, she’ll be supportive of the person’s emotional needs for comfort, privacy and understanding.


Lou M