When I received the diagnosis of cancer, it was overwhelming for me and my husband.  We went through the usual:  tumor staging, port placement, treatment options, etc.  I am a professional woman who works in the medical field.  One of my concerns was:  Would patients and co-workers be comfortable working with me when I was bald from the chemotherapy?

  Then I had my first visit with Jennifer at Strands & Co.  She was very positive, supportive and encouraging.  She offered several personal healthcare tips.  Photos of my existing hairstyle were taken.  I was measured for a human hair wig and the color of my hair was matched.  When I started to lose my hair, my human hair wig was ready and waiting.  The wig was beautiful and perfectly matched my natural hair.  People who did not know of my diagnosis and baldness were complimenting me on my new hairstyle.  My family and friends were surprised how natural I looked.  They could not tell this was not my natural hair.  Having a realistic wig does not change my cancer diagnosis or treatment, but it does help me feel better about myself and not “sick”.  Jennifer has been a bright light in my cancer journey.  She offered me one on one personalized care.