Dear Jennifer, 

What wonderful miracles you work! As a breast cancer patient, I was traumatized at the thought of losing my hair through chemotherapy. At the recommendation of a friend, I contacted you with the purchase of a wig in mind. What I received was so much more.  Yes, I did get a wig.

But you showed me the possibilities of looking good through treatment; the choices I could make in wig purchase; many, many before and after photos of those you have cared for previously; the care of my prosthesis.  You have been absolutely a wonder with whom to work.  I so appreciated the support when I called and told you my hair was streaming off in the shower and you said how I could make it one more day to my wig fitting. Such comfort you gave me. However, I must also thank you for the endless bits of information and hints of what might be coming. Physicians don’t always have the time nor the mind set to tell patients of the seemingly “little things” that may arise, and that is understandable.  Your hint about the wallet insert for my medical cards has already proven invaluable. What a smart idea!  And the suggestion of the fortified water and Carnation Instant Breakfast to keep my energy up has been great.  I have used the L-Carnitine for neuropathy--which by the way is supported by my oncologist!—and am at the point that I will be calling my oncologist for a prescription the Effexor for hot flashes.  Thanks, too for the suggestion of OJON moisturizing body cream. What dry, fragile skin this chemo causes! 

As you can see, I regard you as not just a person who supplies a wig to cancer patients. I truly feel that I have made a friend through an ordeal I never thought I’d face.  I will always remember your kindness, sharing, and caring and your encouragement.  Thank you for laughing with me and allowing me to cry at times.  You are a special person.  I am blessed to have you as part of my recovery.  Thank you for all you have done for me and the many, many other clients you serve.  You are an angel helping us in what can be the darkest moments of our lives. God bless you and keep you in his stead.

With sincere regard,   

Patti B